Statement on Baptism-Conclusion

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Summary & Conclusion

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Wayne Grudem concludes the major section of his discussion of the doctrine by saying something that is worth repeating here:

“Certainly the Lord gave us baptism to strengthen and encourage our faith—and it should do so for everyone who is baptized and for every believer who witnesses a baptism.”[1]

It is our genuine prayer that you have learned something from this brief exploration of the topic of baptism.  We hope that the church – especially this church – will be unified in their understanding of this important doctrine. We especially hope that those desiring to baptized will now have a clearer grasp on the meaning of the event.

We return to our summary of baptism which was stated at first:

The ceremony where believers—those who have heard and believed the Gospel—respond in repentance and obedience to the command of Jesus and in conformity to the practice of the church.  In this ceremony, the believer is immersed and raised again from the water as sign signifying the washing of sins, being included in God’s people, and being united with Christ in His death and resurrection. 

[1] Grudem, Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Biblical Doctrine, 981.