037 - Solus Christus (The 5 Solas: Part 4)

Dec 1, 2023    "The Gleanings", Jeremy Nelson, Philip Nelson

What was the heartbeat of the Protestant Reformation? One key principle was "Solus Christus" -- what does that mean and why does it matter today? Join us as we discuss the doctrine of salvation through Christ alone through three lines of thinking: (1) the elements of Solus Christus (the exclusivity of His person and sufficiency of His work); (2) Solus Christus in the Reformation; and (3) the importance of Solus Christus today.

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Resources mentioned in today's episode:

Stephen Wellum, Christ Alone: The Uniqueness of Jesus as Savior (Zondervan Academic: 2017)

John Murray, Redemption Accomplished and Applied (Eerdmans: 2015)